Saturday, 5 December 2009

Busy Weekend

This morning Amy and I took the truck up the road and collected friend and neighbour Karen and her 28 year old pony (well he is her sister's old pony but is living out his retirement with Karen) and headed down to the Wairarapa Farmer's Market to give pony rides for the 5th birthday celebrations. So cute to give some kids their very first pony rides and see their little faces really light up during the experience.

Once the market was closing up we zoomed home to meet a mare being delivered for Hamish. She's an uber cute little Riding Pony mare (
Aspen Merry Christmas - Gertie to her friends) and was definitely hot to trot for Hamish. She is quite, er, portly, so is on very restricted food intake and is spending the next few days living in our yards and having conjugal visits with Hamish - The introduction went well and so hopefully in 340 odd days time, another gorgeous Hamish baby will enter the world. I will try and get some photos of her while she is here.

Tomorrow is Amy's birthday party so I have spent this afternoon baking up a storm and am fully expecting to be completely shattered by tomorrow 3pm!!! I am feeling pretty shattered now it has to be said so will chuck a couple of photos up and then I think call it a night.

We have a new grazer with us at the moment as well. A lovely two year old Coalmans Touch gelding who is on a stop over on his way north to the Waikato. But, more on him later ...

Amy and Daemar

Sunset ala Talisman Farm Amy the tiger ... grrrrr!Daemar patiently waiting for his first customer

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