Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Amy went back to school yesterday after having 10 days off - We got a phone call at 11am saying she would need to come home at lunchtime as was fading fast. Poor little bugger has had a horrible virus that has really knocked her for six. The good news is that it's 2pm on Tuesday and no phone call from school so she has made it through the day - Yay! Her birthday next week and plans for the bedroom makeover are not really going so well. Having her home has not really helped us get into gear and get into town and get paint tester pots etc. Oh well, tomorrow is another day ...

Foals are good - growing and strengthening by the day and very, very cute. Such an odd couple too. Ata is big, solid, strong, robust and confident whilst 'The Gingernut' is fine, delicate, cheeky and just a little shy (although that is changing day by day). Just goes to show how much the mum's added to their makeup!

In the firepit
Ata and his ears
Posing pony
Up we go
A mumma's love
Red ones go faster!
Did someone say shy?
Catching some rays
Some for me?Watch out! Here he comes!!!
Gussy the Cayuga/Khaki Campbell cross
and her new ToyBoy

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