Sunday, 2 August 2009

Nice Stuff

Today we had a visit from Dave, who bought Bridie off us back in 2002. Bridie was the very first horse that we bred and is out of my very first broodmare, Genna. Bridie has a full sister, Roxy, who lives at Kismet Farm in Tauranga and I own her half sister, Bella. Roxy's story is here.

Last week I listed something for a friend on Trade Me and Dave's partner bought it. In her email to me she said, "Bridie said to say HI !!!! We have clipped her and is now in work after weaning her foal. Thankyou for the wounderful easy going mare, she is a credit to you and your breeding.", which is all any breeder ever wants to hear from someone who has one of their homebred horses - A warm fuzzy moment for sure.

Dave brought some photos with him of the 'old baggage' so I have scanned them to put up on the blog. Bridie's foal, Stevie, is now weaned and Bridie is clipped and back in work. Bridie is a real stock horse and works stock on Dave and Christine's farm as well as proving to be a very handy trekking horse. She may even start jumping this coming season, a job I am sure she will just love!

Stevie - Bridie's foal!
Bridie and Stevie
Bridie and Baby Stevie
Bridie all grown up

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  1. Aww look at her - her baby sis is sooo like her. I'm still waiting for the lovely easygoing mare to show up though LOL... we still have a teenager here.