Monday, 3 August 2009


Mmm, Nick's squeezable buns!
Tonight we had pork chops and salad for dinner - the chops from the piggies our friends up the road at Lifeboat Farm raised (we provided a bit of food for them) and OMG they were just soooo nom nom nom!!! We now have a pile of yummy pork in the freezer as well as the beef from the steer we homekilled recently so we're ok for meat for a while!!! One of the things I love, about living here aside from having my horses here with me, is the semi self-sufficient lifestyle we are able to live. The vege garden has a new layer of horse poo dug through it which is currently maturing and this summer we hope to have lots of delicious home grown vegetables - Last season we did OK but there was quite a lot of clay in the soil so some things did not grow as well as we would have liked. Hopefully this year things will be even better!

Had a busy horsey day today and it was so nice that I stripped all the horses naked and the main mob out the back and the ponies are still sans rugs - Weather is supposed to turn tomorrow so it will be rugs back on in the early afternoon I think.

I have the vet coming first thing tomorrow to have a look at Reilly, Paddy and Bree's teefypegs. Reilly has been a little unsteady in the head and is of an age where his teeth are doing things so figure now is a good time to get his mouth sorted for the coming season. Bree has been a bit funny about her hay and is not as fat as I would expect her to be and Paddy has dropped quite a lot of condition over the last few weeks and I suspect his 20 year old teeth are getting sharp. Nobody else causing me any concern at this stage but hope to get through them all in the coming year.

And the photo today is of Nick's lovely fresh home backed rolls. Yummy!!!

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