Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Dental Day

John was here first thing and Reilly was first up. He overnighted in the yards to make it easier for me organising everyone in the morning and always surprises me how happy he is to hang out in there. I spose as long as there is plenty to eat, he just doesn't really care where he is. He had no mouth issues whatsoever - no sharp edges, no caps, nothing that should be bothering him so clearly he has just been being an ar$e about taking the contact so I can now beat him up and not feel guilty about it (and before anyone calls the SPCA, of course I am not beating him up really!!!). He had an educational rasp and whilst he was not exactly thrilled about having someone grab his tongue and drag it out the side of his mouth, he was a good boy and stood well.

Next up was Bree who was the main reason for getting the vet out and she definitely needed work so out came the power tools. She decided she did not really like them so much so Mr Sed Ative came to the party and we were away. She is sleeping it off now, hehe. Hopefully she will now eat her hay with a lot more gusto and put on some of the weight she has lost over winter.

At this point the weather really shat itself and we had lovely gusty winds and sideways showers. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a nice BIG warm dry SHED!!!

Last but never least was my dear old Paddlepop poopants (Paddy). He's 20 now and has been with me for the last 18 years. I think I had his teeth looked at last in the late 90's when we moved over here. Bad mother. Seems however I am not really such a bad mother as I was quite right and he has a fabulous mouth with teeth that a 10 year old would be proud of. One tiny hook and some tartar that took a couple of minutes to deal with and he was done!

So, yay! That's done for now, until the next round!

Checking Bree
Reilly looking concerned
Bree & power tools
Educational rasping
Paddlepop Poopants being good

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