Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Introducing 'Amos of Carrington'

Today we had the great pleasure of finally meeting Robbie's son Amos. Amos was born around the same time as Silas so it was a rather bittersweet meeting but so lovely to see such a gorgeous, strong colt - very much stamped by his sire. He has the most remarkable blue eyes (Pippa has one blue eye) - never seen anything quite like them before but he has Robbie's same soft expression. Someone let loose with the paintbrush around him too, haha!

We are lending Amos' owners our float so that they can attend the Masterton A&P with Amos and his Dam, Pippa (Aldie Phillipa) so we dropped it off today and gave Amos his first float loading lesson. He was a good boy, a little confused and at times a leeeetle but stubborn but we had him in and out a couple of times within about 20 minutes so a pretty good first effort. I think he's going to be good competition for Meg and it will be interesting to see what the Judge thinks of Robbie's two 'kids'. I know she likes Robbie so hopefully she will think favourably of Meg and Amos.

The face that greeted us over the gate
What a clever boy!
Amos and an admirer
Amos and Me
Amos and Nick at the gate, Pippa stands by

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