Sunday, 10 August 2008

What a difference a day makes!

So yesterday we were freezing and in the grips of a snowy blizzard and today it is wall to wall blue skies. Much better! We took the opportunity that the weather provided to get out of the house and, as Amy has been pestering me for a ride on Strawberry, today she got her wish. What a sweet sweet little pony she is too! We don't have a bridle that fits her but that is no major issue as Amy is on the lead anyway and not ready to take a contact - she can still learn about holding the reins through a halter too. Nick and I took turns at videoing as Amy and Straw trundled about the paddock. I now have a very happy little girl who is already asking when she can have her next ride! I wish I was a kid again as I would love to be able to ride Straw and have some fun! I could not resist a leg up and a sit on her with Amy at the very end. Bless her, she was very good as I am considerably heavier than Amy!!!

I took a few photos of our snowy mountains as well - the horses are none the worse for the chilly weather and I have a number who are now without rugs but this is not obviously bothering any of them at all.

Amy's Ride

Maude and Snowy Mountains



Bella and Maude (& Snowy Mountains)

Hamish says 'Hi!'

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