Saturday, 9 August 2008

Snow! This had better be winter's last gasp!!!

Ahhhhh, such a nice day today ... NOT!!! It was cow shifting day today so of course, we had to do it in a blizzard! Most grateful to our 'up the road' neighbour John for his assistance shifting the moo'ers to their new temporary quarters 'in the clouds' (and the snow) at Lifeboat Farm.

I grabbed the camera when another flurry came through about 30 minutes ago and snapped these few pics. Fortunately the temperature outside is above freezing (about 3 degrees celsius) so the snow won't settle. I will be pleased however when it buggers off again - It may be pretty but it's freakin' cold!

The chickens, who are still completely free range, seem to think that our wood pile/messy front porch is a great roosting spot away from the elements. I'm thinkin' it's about time they spent some time locked in their run, utilising the shelter there rather than our front porch!

Thankfully we still have a shed full of hay so the horses got extra 'snow' rations today to help keep them warm, that said, from the hijinx I witnessed earlier out in the paddock, they are doing enought acrobatic work to keep the blood pumping.

As I type this the house is being permeated with the smell of slow roasting lamb stuffed with garlic and rosemary and my mouth won't stop watering. Only another three hours and we can tuck in!!!

Snow falls...

on Talisman Farm.

But the chickens don't care


Now hurry up TVNZ, I want to see Mark and Heelan's dressage tests! LOVE the Olympics - Very exciting!!!

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