Monday, 11 August 2008

Back on Board - YAY!

Today it was time to dust off the cobwebs and get back in the saddle. Reilly has had a couple of month's off - a friend suggested lungeing him before riding - I poo poo'd that idea and jumped straight on. We had a few head tosses and one beauty shy on the way up the race (thank God he stopped, I came close to toppling straight off the back, haha!) but all-in-all, he was a very good boy. I have come to expect no less. BUT the paddocks are just so wet that there is nowhere to ride other than the road and he is still a bit green for me to be completely confident taking him out on the road by himself. I am going to have to scrape some money together from somewhere and start getting some lessons so I can at least ride on an all weather surface!

Reilly was absolutely caked in mud and I did start by trying to brush it off but in the end, it was all too hard and I left him with his extra layer of insulation! He was not going to work up a sweat so I figured as long as his back and girth area and around his ears were ok, he would cope.

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