Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Gardening & Self Sufficiency

Nearly 10 years on our little lifestyle block and we are FINALLY starting our vege garden. It's very exciting! Our good friends up the road have been on their block for less than a year and have already have achieved so much that we really feel inspired to do something more here. If you want to follow John and Karen's journey to self-sufficiency, you really must visit their Lifeboat Farm Blog.

In an attempt to become less reliant on supermarket shopping, I have already ramped up my bread making, baking and cooking from scratch and it has really been quite invigorating!

So anyway, today's blog is non horsey for once and will be devoted to our personal first few wobbly steps towards self-sufficiency.

Initially we want to grow a few basics and our first, tentative, vegetable list consists of: Cabbage, celery, lettuce, brussel sprouts, peas, broad beans, runner beans, tomatoes, carrots, leeks, onions, suedes/turnips, beetroot, parsnip, potatoes, kumara and sweet corn. We will have 4 garden beds for these veges. I am also planning a separate herb garden and we will have a crack at strawberries and raspberries.

Today was digging day - it's hard work!

Junior Gardener - Amy

Tree climber Amy

Nick digging

A man and his tools

Jess - Canine garden helper

Tui - Visiting canine helper

Nick, Jet and Jess

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  1. looks good Lou!!! Silverbeet is super easy to grow too :) add that on your wee list.