Monday, 15 January 2007


We have been having our hay cut for seven years. For these seven years we have used the same contractor. A nice man but a bit hopeless, bless him. Every single year something has gone wrong and last year was sadly, the last straw (sorry, unintended pun) when he ended up charging us for around 100 bales that simply were not there. So, this year I decided to try someone new ...

I called a chap who was recommended by a friend and he said that even though we were a bit of a distance from his base, he should be able to fit us in. I called him in November, allowing around 6 weeks notice. I had to call again in December as he still had not come out and confirmed he could do the job ... Finally yesterday he showed up only to tell us that he probably could not do it due to the distance. Oh how I WISH he had been able to tell us that two months ago!!!

Thank GOD we have found someone else. A really nice guy who we called yday and who turned up this morning to walk through the fields and confirm that he could do the job. He just has to clear his backlog (should take a week, all going well) and he will be out to do the job for us. Hallelujah! It looks like we have a bumper crop which means hours of backbreaking hard work for us but an awesome feeling once it is all done. Oh and the best bit, he is less expensive than the other two contractors!

Now all I need to do is try and find willing workers to help get it all in!!!

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