Sunday, 14 January 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday. In itself this is not so much a day for celebration as it means I am yet another year older! However, it is an excuse for family to get together and that is always a good thing.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mother and mother-in-law. It was lots of fun. I ended up with three new pairs of shoes, including a fabulous pair of purple flats. I LOVE purple shoes! We found a gorgeous cross made of precious stones in a posh shop in Greytown which had 40% off so that was my birthday present from my mum.

Nick and Amy gave me a new leather halter for Hamish and a new lunge line to replace the one that Nick snapped when he drove underneath it with the farm bike. I was using it to stop a mare and foal having access to the race. I guess that will teach me for not using proper electric tape!

Now the weekend is over and my mum has gone home and all I can do is sit and stress about our current hay situation. Hopefully it will be cut and baled and in the shed soon but after 7 years of poor service from one contractor I made the executive decision last season to find another one. Rang someone who was recommended in November, he said it was quite a distance but he would try to help us out. Rang again in December after waiting a month for him to come out and see the hay, was promised he would be back out in a few days. Today at last he arrived, some 8 weeks after first contact, only to tell us that we were probably too far away but he would be back in contact shortly. Of course now I am really stressed and have called someone else (well Nick called, I should have) who is apparently probably able to do it but not for three weeks. Meanwhile our hay which has been shut up since October is not getting any better! The thing is we cannot afford to buy enough hay in to feed the horses and cattle over the winter as we need around 600 bales plus we have neighbours who tend to rely on us for their own hay supply. Ugh!

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