Thursday, 22 December 2011

Getting back my riding mojo

Another day and another ride and, as I sit here typing this, I am also gearing up to take Brennan down to Louisa's to do some jumping so it's a great horsey day.

This morning my friend Jane came out with her Arab pony and we went out for a hack together up the paper road. The full loop is 25km but for starters we settled for a few kms up and then back down again - Meg is not very fit and I don't want to overdo it with her. I think the horses had a fabulous time as we walked, trotted and cantered (and even had a wee gallop at the end) out on our ride. The paper road is a fantastic steady ride up through some lovely farmland grazed by sheep and cattle. It's super for fitness and, even though there are some harder/stonier sections, for the most part barefoot horses like Meg don't have any trouble with it. By the end of the season I hope she will be fit enough to complete the entire loop.

Setting out
 The tall and the short of it

 Meet 'n greet
 After the ride - Close pals now
 Jane & Denny

 Does my butt look big in this?
 Stepping out
 in unison
 On the way home, captured on Amy's ipod

So a GREAT morning out, happy horses and happy riders - And THAT is what it is all about!

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