Thursday, 22 December 2011

Brennan and Louisa at Rei-Huia

Just home from taking Brennan down to Louisa's place for his first wee jumping session there. Gosh what a little star he is! Didn't bat an eyelid at any of the show jumps which included some fillers, a liverpool with tarp underneath and painted planks. He was a bit shouty when we left him in the yards to contemplate his navel after first arriving (we had to take the newly painted poles and new jump stands and barrel cups down to the jumping paddock in my float) and he fidgeted being tacked up but he is a pony who likes to be doing stuff and tends to gets ants in his pants if he is made to stand around and wait - He is going to have to get over that!!!

Here are the photos from the outing - Isn't he just the cutest thing?!

 Warming up

 They have an audience

 And they're away jumping!


 Liverpool height popped up for last jump
All done

Good boy B xxx (and thanks heaps Louisa!!!)

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