Saturday, 14 May 2011

Meg is World Famous!!!

Some time ago I was asked if I would be happy to provide a photo and some words for a book being written and published in Scotland about the Clydesdale horse - Of course I did not hesitate in saying yes!

Yesterday I received my very own signed copy of 'The Clydesdale: Workhorse of the World' and was so thrilled to see Meg and I got a full page photo inside the book plus a half page in another section and a wee bit of blurb with quotes from me. It is a truly beautiful book and I would recommend it to ALL horse lovers not just those of us who have a special affinity for the Clydesdale. I'm just so very proud that my special girl features.

Louise Wilsden runs Talisman Farm Sport Horses in Masterton, New Zealand, aiming to produce 'extraordinary horses for ordinary riders'. For some years Kintyre Lodge Robbie, a purebred Clydesdale stallion, stood at stud there and Louise has only good things to say about the breed. As she says, 'The Clydesdale has a work ethic that translates exceptionally well under saddle and it is this combination of sensible temperament and desire to please with a not inconsiderable amount of physical power that can produce a surprisingly athletic and sound animal. The Clydesdale is also a breed whose inherent toughness means that it does well living out 24/7, which is how a great many horses in NZ live.'

"I currently ride a purebred Clydesdale, Talisman Farms Megan. I bred this mare with the express desire to produce her under saddle and demonstrate the breed's ability, in its pure form, to be an active and competitive pleasure mount. My girl is only three years old but in her first competition, a dressage series, she was consistently in the top quarter of the field and even won one of her tests."

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