Saturday, 14 May 2011

Brennan and Me

So I stuck the pony in a new paddock with lotsa grass and left him unridden for five days, oops! Actually he was fine when I rode him yesterday although a little distracted by the yearlings in the next paddock and I was a little tense as the ground was a bit slippery. Didn't make for the best ride ever but he was well behaved and, as usual, did not try any monkey business. Nick took some photos.

It is the second day of the dressage series next weekend. Jess has not ridden Brennan much since the last series but Karen and I have had a few rides between us - Karen has done some lovely schooling work which I have probably completely stuffed up. I often wonder if I should just lunge the poor pony but I can't resist riding him coz he is so cool! Anyway, we won't be going for ribbons, we will be going for mileage and experience. I just hope the weather is kind to us as it is a very long day to be stuck at the float/yard in the rain!

Totally focussed on gelding in next paddock

Cuddles for Mum

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