Saturday, 23 April 2011

The dream is becoming a reality

I had a lovely and very rewarding day with the horses today. Jess's mum, Simone, came over this afternoon and had a ride on Brennan. Simone has lost a lot of confidence since having some unfortunate experiences on a horse that she was sold so her confidence needs building up. So, what better horse to use to bolster her confidence than the four year old, been under saddle for seven months, stallion! OK, so it might sound like a crazy thing to do but Brennan is so safe, so kind tempered and so generous that he is the perfect choice. Pretty sure Simone had a great ride, certainly the grin on her face afterwards tells a story.

And then the Scottish clompety gave a lovely Scottish tourist a foot-perfect lead rein ride and was her usual character filled self in the process. I think Meg might just have a new fan.

So, today I watched two much-loved horses, one bred by me and one purpose bought and produced to breed from by me, give ordinary riders extraordinary experiences and it made my heart sing. It was a very, very proud moment.

All the photos can be seen HERE.

I think that smile says it all
Both smiling

Again, the smile says it all!

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