Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Splish splash I was takin' a bath ...

It's officially spring but realistically spring is still a month/six weeks away. Sure, there may be daffodils and lambs popping up in the paddocks and blossoms on the trees but there still isn't a lot of grass growth and what grass is trying to grow in swamp like conditions. I really will not be sorry to see the back of this awful weather/season. We have already bought in an extra seventy five bales of hay and have another seventy on standby. I need to price up grass seed (which I know, from previous experience, is not cheap) and see if I can get hold of a roller from somewhere to try and resurrect my hay paddocks before shutting them up. We are going to have to shut up later than usual and cut later than usual so I just hope that mother nature cuts us a break and at least provides us with the warmth and moisture we need to grow our hay crop. If we do not get a decent cut I will have to seriously destock for next winter and this would not be easy.

Brennan is due back from being started under saddle next week. I had thought I had lined up a young rider for him but it seems she is somewhat over-committed so, the hunt continues. For now I will be riding him at home with the help (I hope) of my neighbour /good friend who is pony rider size and very experienced. I can't wait to see him under saddle!

Libby's due date has been and gone but fortunately she is keeping her legs crossed through this awful inclement weather. She has changed shape in the last few days and lost her mucous plug so I am picking we will have a foal in the next week or so.

There was some excitement last week when Enya managed to get herself stuck in the bath that serves as a water trough in her paddock. Fortunately no damange done although my nerves took a bit of a battering! I would love to know how she managed this: ...

Enya and her predicament
Enya as I found her
Battle wound

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  1. Good god! Some animals have the knack of doing really daft things don't they! Perhaps she was waiting for you to scrub her back!! :D