Thursday, 16 September 2010

Look what I did today ....

I rode a pony!!!!

Such a super cool pony too. Very exciting (and kinda nerve wracking coz I was very worried I might literally break him - apparently I won't). Here are some of the photos. Brennan looks less than enthralled with me on him but Nick did not take many photos of us and I am sure he had his mouth shut and ears forward at least some of the time I was riding him!!!

Thanks again to Gavin Morison for doing such a brilliant job - I cannot recommend him enough when it comes to starting young horses and giving them the VERY BEST start to life under saddle. Brennan is the third horse that Gavin has started for me. The first was Reilly, a 15.2HH three and a half year old 7/8 TB colt (at the time), the second was Meg, a two and a half year old purebred Clydesdale and of course Brennan, a four year old Connemara (around 13.3HH). Gavin must wonder what I am doing with all these vastly different horses, lol!

You could smile too Brennan ya know!
Back up boy
Biiiiiig trot!
Catching flies (so attractive ... NOT!)
Hmm, now where's that thighmaster?
See he looks happy with Gavin on him!
There is video too but that you will have to wait a bit longer for!


  1. Gavin never says much, but what did he think of him? Also what is he like to ride??? Smooth, bouncy? (brennan that is, not Gavin, haha)

  2. I got the distinct impression that he really enjoyed him. He was very positive and basically said he was a really nice uncomplicated horse, just VERY small! LOL!

  3. Oh, he is very nice to ride and probably rides bigger than he is. His canter really felt like we were going places but I felt too unbalanced/wobbly to do too much cantering - didn't want to unbalance him (which would be easy with his size and greenness).

  4. Really nice Lou, you look good on him too :) Hazel