Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lagan a few days on

The second lot of blood tests came back with a teeny tiny improvement in his white blood cell count (so up from 0.3 to 0.5 - Normal range = 6-12!) but his liver and kidneys are working well so he is not going into organ failure (that would be very, very bad). At this stage we are going to hope that it is peritonitis (how ridiculous it sounds to hope for something so bad) as the only other real possibility is Leukaemia and we will treat him with ABs for another 10 days and then re-test his blood. If there is still no real change in his WBC then I will have a difficult decision to make. If he crashes in the next 10 days then we will have no real choice but to call it quits. If there is marked improvement, we will praise the powers that be and hopefully continue to see him return to full health!

I have been seeing him every day and have noticed a definite improvement in his state of being. He was really quite perky today, although a little wobbly. His appetite is excellent and he is eating multiple feeds/day and lots of hay, carrots and grass. He's a good Irish horse and LOVES his food!

So, for now we will keep on plugging away and hope and pray that he's going to beat the odds.

Thank you to all the concerned people who have contacted me to ask how he is. Your well wishes are greatly appreciated. Lagan sure has a lot of people rooting for him.

Lages & Nicola at Wairarapa Dressage Champs
Lages & Charlotte at home
Lages & Aimee schooling

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