Thursday, 11 March 2010

"Nothing Special" ...

TF Hamish - So much more than just 'special'

Hamish doesn't get to star in photo shoots as often as he probably should because he lives 1km up the road with my parents in law. I see him every day, often twice a day, but I rarely remember to take a camera with me. Today I went up with my camera and the grooming kit (omg I really needed the shampoo and shammy, he's so filthy!) and I took some photos and today I am going to share a few of those photos as it is about time Hamish got a starring role in this blog again.

As you will see, Hamish is guilty of eating ALL the pies. I'm kind of embarrassed to show photos of him so fat but he's happy and healthy and winter is coming so he might drop a couple of kgs ... Hamish winters out without a cover, grows hardly any winter coat and lives off nothing! They call that hybrid vigor!


  1. Hamish is just to die for Lou, love the 4th picture, totally gorgeous.
    ps thanks for the blog award :)

  2. He is gorgeous!

    I am very impressed with your photograohy skills.