Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Breeding season - Enya, Maude and Megan

Breeding season is pretty much done, phew! Brennan served the last mare for the last time today and scans booked for the week after Horse of the Year. The Pinky Pony was pretty good but we hand-served rather than ran her with Brennan and she did need holding. All went well though so now we cross our fingers tightly and pray for a positive result.

Apparently planning permission is nearly complete and we had word today that our shed will be delivered, weather allowing, next Wednesday so that's pretty exciting. Better give the builder the heads up!

I wandered out with the camera today and, as per usual, took about eleventy thousand photos. So, here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Beautiful! One day I would love to come and see them xx

  2. The pink pony was still cycling then! Fingers crossed. Are you going to HOY? All things holding we are planning on going Friday and Saturday

  3. Any time Sue, you would be most welcome :o)

    Wino, yes, headed up early Friday morning and back on Saturday arvo. Not quite finalised our sleeping arrangements yet (oops!) so may very well be dossing in the back of the car, hehe - quite the adventure t'be sure.

  4. May cross paths with you at some stage then. (our sleeping arrangements aren't finalised either but I've got a contact in a Napier motel - so as long as they've forgiven me for flooding their kitchen one day we should be okay LOL)