Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Pinky Pony

Brennan's first girlfriend arrived last week. She's a very sweet little cremello (albino) mare. He thinks she looks wonderful, she on the other hand is rather nonplussed by him. Poor Brennan.

The Container is in situ and now has a fair amount of my tack in it but is sorely in need of shelving so that is the task for the coming days. I have some shelves in the old shed but they are built in so will require Nick to 'attend' to them.

Robbie is still on the road but should reach his destination tomorrow morning around 10am so I am waiting to hear from Sheree that he has made it in one piece. Poor boy had a very long trip on Wednesday when he went to Bulls, via Wellington. I believe he was on the truck for something like 10 hours!

I have decided to pull Enya off the market once her ad runs out. With Rory's unexpected sale, I am in the wonderful position of being able to keep her. I just don't know when or if Maude will produce me another filly (and, at 21, she is no spring chicken!) and of course Reilly is now gelded so keeping her allows me to keep both bloodlines alive and as both Maude and Reilly are very special horses to me, it seems right that Enya stays on here at Talisman Farm. And, she is absolutely stunning and I would probably never be able to afford to buy myself a mare as nice in the future!! I do hope to get her under saddle and out under a deserving young rider in the coming years.

The Pinky Pony

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