Saturday, 14 November 2009

Random stuff

Alii (Light Spirits x Red Alarm) arrived last weekend for Hamish and has been running with him and Libby ever since. Libby is a regular 'Piggy-in-the-Middle' and insists that Hamish must go through her before getting anywhere near Alii. Poor Hamish has been seeing quite a lot of Libby's back feet! But, Alii came into season yesterday and it seems that Hamish's perseverance is paying off and hopefully she will be going home carrying a baby Hamish in the coming weeks.

It's sun cream time of the year again and I have three white noses that need attending to on a regular basis - they are of course at opposite ends of the property! Meg is desperate for attention as per usual so practically puts it on herself. Robbie pretends he hates it but it's just because he's a boy and boys hate their mothers washing their faces don't they. And Maxi is very well behaved unless he sees the pottle in my hand, in which case he likes to self-exercise himself for a few minutes, hehe.

Ata and 'The Gingernut' (God, any ideas for names, please let us know - I am sure his owner would be grateful and I can't keep calling him The Gingernut for ever!) are doing well. So lovely having babies here. Maude is in the maternity ward so that we may await the arrival of her baby, due 28 November. Exciting!

Today's photos are just randoms I took this morning when doing my rounds ...

Rob slathered in zinc
Noses are whiskery
What is so funny huh?!

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