Thursday, 10 September 2009

Spring at Talisman Farm

I took my camera with me doing my rounds this morning and here are a few of the photos I took ...
Bados - Grand old man
Cheeky Reilly
Paddy, Meg, Twinkle, Bree, Maude & Saffy
Do ya think he's a bit speshul?!
Hamish, handsome as ever
Paddy, 20 years old now (& with me for 18 of those years)
Still turning over garden beds - So far have planted sunflowers, basil, sugarsnaps, onions, rocket, mixed lettuces, garlic, spinach, sage, thyme and zucchini. This afternoon am going to find spot for blackcurrant bushes.

Reilly makes a new friend

My constant companion at the moment
Pretty Twinkle

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