Tuesday, 8 September 2009

And so breeding season begins ...

with the introduction of Hamish to Libby this morning. After a couple of weeks of staring longingly at each other from across a raceway with Hamish trying all his very best chat up lines it was time to introduce Hamish and Libby to each other formally. All went without a hitch and now the two love birds are inseparable. Very cute. Libby is in season and although I have not seen Hamish serve her, I am pretty sure that the deed has been done. We could very well have a rather early foal due next season! Finger's crossed - I am very excited about breeding a pony foal at last!
Grazing buddies
Hamish proud of his new girl
My handsome boy
And stopped on the way home to snap off a couple of photos of Robbie who has gained back a fair amount of the weight he lost during his journey home. He's such a dude, I am really loving having him home. His first mare is due shortly.

Is this my best side?
Or is this side my best side?
Another handsome boy

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