Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pony Rides

Amy has been asking ALL week to ride - She spent Friday and Saturday with her Grandparents but was home early this afternoon and, the first thing she asked, 'Can I ride my pony Mummy?'. It seems the confidence and enthusiasm is back with a vengeance so off we trotted to bring Maxi in for a spin. She is back to thinking she is six foot tall and bullet proof however so I had to remind her that she really needs to practice the basics before she can go galloping off across the country. Thankfully Maxi has no desire to go galloping off across the country with her either and she had her first ride off the lead in the 'arena'. Maxi was a little confused and could not really understand why he was not allowed to follow me but was soon obliging and trudging around with Amy trying to get the steering sorted. He's such a good pony.

Amy wanted to trot but I reminded her that trots were only allowed on the lunge and so it was. She even rode him back to the yards by herself - I am really happy to see her so enthusiastic as I was beginning to worry that perhaps she might never get her confidence back.

On their own
Going for a wander
Hold on!
coz Maxi says 'Yehar!'

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