Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Maxi gets a card ...

Last time Amy rode, she fell off - Just when her confidence was heading sky high, she went sky high literally and then bit the dust (or the mud and poop). I said to myself, as she sailed through the air, "oh well, there goes that then", but plopped her back on and she amazed me by riding for another 10 minutes, albeit with me on the end of the leadrope and tears drying on her face.

Maxi is very protective of his little girl and I had my GSD bitch in the paddock with us. Maxi decided the wolf was a threat and made chase and I was not quite close enough to grab him. As Jet pinged through the fence to escape the fire breathing Welshie, said fire breathing Welshie chucked in a buck and the rest, as they say, is history. Oops!

That was on Monday. On Tuesday Amy has swimming after school so no time to ride but today she came home and the first thing she asked was if she could ride her pony, "but the dogs can't come today, ok Mummy?".

I am relieved to say that today's ride went well. Amy had made Maxi a card to show him that there were no hard feelings - cute!

Amy gives Maxi his card
Maxi reads his card
In the yards
Happy smiley faces
Pair of posers

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