Sunday, 14 June 2009

How can I do this?

This very sexy beast is a RID stallion standing at Icarus Park in Australia and he is being frozen and will be available in NZ from August. Goddamm it! He's a fantastic outcross stud with a super temperament and JUST the type of horse I adore. Look at that bone, look at that expression, look at that substance and he's a grey and sabino to boot! Would someone please tell me how I can achieve this because I'm having a little trouble working it out! Ideally I am looking for a stallion for Hooty for next season (she will have foal at foot and will be grazing off the property so logistics are going to be a little tricky but I don't want her empty for a season at her age so I will just have to work it out). Gah, what is it with friends who put such temptation before me - curse you Chris!!!!

Baltydaniel Breeze RID


  1. bulk discount? You take one insem and I will take two *evil grin*

  2. You are truly an evil woman ...