Monday, 27 April 2009

Big week for babies

Today was supposed to be branding and gelding day - Yuck! BUT, the weather came to the party at last and it is raining - bad timing really but I refuse to complain because boy do we need this rain! Bree took a tumble in the paddock a few days ago and presented with a very swollen gaskin and lower hind. I put her on bute for a few days and the swelling subsided markedly but she still has a popped out area around her inner thigh/gaskin so I have spoken to her owner and we have agreed to get John to take a look at it. I doubt there is much more than rest/flat paddock and anti-inflammatories but I would prefer to be safe rather than sorry. I'm very fond of the old dragon and have had her here longer than some of my own horses!

This week I made a really tough decision which I know is for the best and the only decision I could make really but still, it sucked to have to make it - More on that later.

Laura left us yesterday. It has been so nice having her here to help - just a shame that Rory managed to break her thumb on the first full day of her stay with us! Naughty boy! We have a new girl arriving soon - from the Netherlands this time. It's a bit like Grand Central Station here but we love it! Hopefully we will have Meg home soon so it will be great to have someone help me with getting her out and about a bit.

Aine had her second equivac injection on Tuesday (Rory has had his course of three already) and has finally decided that apples don't bite back. Rory on the other hand could not possibly eat an apple as his big silly Uncle Bados doesn't like them and what he says, goes! We have dozens of wild apple trees that line the road that we live on with many different old varieties of apples. It is this time of the year that I go and 'harvest' the crop. So far we have about 20kg but I have a lot more to pick but need the help of a special loop on a stick to get those apples that are out of reach up high. A job for Bernou and I in the coming week or two, I think!

Early in the week I had an email from Claire who bought Rafferty (TF Hamish x Future [Maude by Kingsway Diamond) off me a couple of years ago - He has just gone to Gavin's for breaking in so I should be able to see him when we go to collect Meg - I am VERY excited and will be taking my camera!! She loves him to bits and says she already misses him dreadfully. Another very satisfied owner of a Hamish baby.

Not much to report other than that - The Vet has postponed until tomorrow but I don't fancy our chances with more rain forecast!

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