Friday, 27 March 2009

Weaning Day

This is a day I always stress over, put off and generally fernaffle about over yet every year, without fail, it goes without a hitch. Today is weaning day. This morning we went over to the 'nursery' and caught Maude and Hooty and lead them to the jumping paddock. Both foals got to jump the big scary ditch. Rory, with typical gusto, launched himself over without hesitation but Aine, who is delicate you know and does not like to get mud on her pretty little tootsies, was a little hesitant. She was much better this time however and was over within a minute. Last time it took her about 5 minutes to work up the courage to do it!

Once in the paddock next to the yards we led everyone into the yards and separated the mares from the foals and Bados by shutting the centre gate. Our yards are split into two halves, which is very handy at times like this! Maude and Hooty were then led out of the yards, down the race, through the gully paddock and down into their new grassy paddock by the road. Surprisingly this year the mares have been completely nonplussed about leaving their foals behind - perhaps because I have weaned a little later than usual? (Aine is over 6 months now and Rory is coming up 6 months).

I then set about sorting out the morning feeds and took a big bucket full of NRM Evolve, boiled barley and Fibrepro up for them to share. It's so cute the way Bados lets them eat with him - in fact, he spends a lot of time standing back to make sure that they get plenty. He's just the BEST uncle and worth his weight in gold, especially at weaning!

The photos are a bit random but it is hard when they are all in an enclosed space with high walls but you will get the idea. There is a hot tape around the top of the yards and Rory and Bados have both discovered that it is currently 'live' - I am not sure if Aine knows this yet. It is just an added deterrant incase someone decides they might want to 'go over the wall'.

Mmmm, feed time (Rory sneaks a peak in his mum's direction)
Uncle B stands back and lets the kids in
Sharing a net
The kids sharing nicely

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