Thursday, 26 March 2009

Exciting stuff!

Well we got the call early this week to say that Gavin (Morison) was ready for Meg so this morning I dragged her abandoned backside out of the paddock, threw her on the float and drove her the 70km to Gavin and Nicole's property. Poor Meg had literally been turfed out into a back paddock after the Masterton A&P and I was very pleased with her attitude when I caught her. Not only did she whicker to me but she walked over to be haltered and walked quietly away from her friends. We had to pass one fire breathing stallion on the way which was very exciting (NOT) although Reilly thought she looked mighty fine and did his very best display as she walked past - she steadfastly ignored him and carried on - that's my girl!

She loaded exceptionally and travelled even better. I realised when I had her all loaded up that this was in fact her first trip in our own float as we took her to the Masterton A&P in our neighbour's float, after lending ours to Kim and Steve for Pippa and Amos. Once again I was reminded why I love my float so much - the young horses really seem to enjoy travelling in it. and it tows beautifully. Meg is now safely ensconced in a paddock close to the house with a very cute (and rather portly) purebred Andalusian gelding as a neighbour. I can't wait to hear how she is going.

Yesterday I had grand ideas of plaiting Reilly up for a photo shoot. I plaited him very quickly (the ugliest/fattest plaits EVER) and popped him in the jumps paddock for a run around but the sun was fearsomely bright and I was all by myself and photos did not come easy. I gave up after about 15 minutes but will share a couple of the less awful ones. He was very cute, choosing on a couple of occasions to pop himself over the small jumps that I had up. I hope he enjoys jumping with someone on board half as much as he seems to in the paddock free.

Finally, I had a nice email this morning to let me know that the last of Hamish's mares was scanned in foal yesterday. Woot! He's had a good season, successfully getting every mare he has covered in foal, bar one. I am sure, had the empty mare come to us a little earlier and had more opportunity, she too would have conceived.

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