Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Buzz buzz buzz - Brought the boy back in...

and I still love him to pieces! I just can't get over how laid back he is. Nothing phases him and never has. He's Mr Cool through and through, even when the neighbour chooses to fertilise the boundary paddock as soon as I get back on him after he's had a four month break serving mares! I am perched up on him all paranoid that he's going to freak out and he's like 'Whatever!'.

I only rode for about 10 minutes today as there is no point in pushing it. Lots of walk to halt, halt to walk, walk to trot, trot to walk and a few rein backs to make sure he remembers - he does :o) And one little canter at the end just to mix it up a bit (and see what he would do).

As you can see he is still in with Aine and Maude and Aine was absolutely fascinated by the proceedings and followed us around quite a lot. Very cute. We gave her feet a quick trim while we were there - only her second trim and she was excellent so we are very pleased.

I have a few photos of today's ride and a boring little video that I will add later for anyone who wants to check out the boy. My only real concern today is that I am still convinced he is really far too small for me. I know I still have a lot of weight to lose (and watching the video just reinforces my determination to lose it) but I can't help but feel he would look a lot more aesthetically pleasing with someone about, oh I dunno, a million kg lighter on his back :o(

This is the time when I wish I had the money to pay someone to campaign him for me. I want to keep him here for me to ride and enjoy but also want to see him out and about really strutting his stuff and, lets face it, I aint the rider to get him out there doing that. I guess that I just have some soul searching to do.

Walking in the hay paddock
Aine 'helping'
Watching the fert going on
Aine is very interested!
Aine, take notes please


  1. Have you put a measuring stick anywhere near Aine? She looks ginormous!

  2. Haha, nope! She is quite tall tho ;o)