Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Masterton Show - Feb 13, 14 and 15th

Yesterday I decided, a little at the last minute, that we will take Meg to the Masterton Show this year. I figure it will be a great outing for her and we really should try to support our local show as we have not been able to do so for a couple of years. Meg has a turnout title her mum won to defend although I think we might be pushing the proverbial uphill if we aim for that so we'll just aim to get there in one piece and get home in one piece I think!

Today I brought her in and we spent 20 minutes loading her in and out of the float a few times. Unfortunately food was the only thing that would get her in, she has her mother's stubborn streak it would seem, but we have a couple of weeks to sort that out! She's not bothered by the float, just rather be outside than inside, unless food is involved. Tart!

Then she had her first bath which I have to say, she did not really enjoy! She has a LOT of mane and a hell of a lot of tail! She's now tucked up in the yards with a pile of hay and a nice feed while I decide what paddock to put her in.

The vet has just left. I got him out to look at Hooty's teeth because she has been dropping a lot of feed and I was suspicious that she had an issue in her mouth. However, her teeth had a couple of semi-sharp edges but nothing that John was unduly concerned about and she had a quick float and then it was time to go up and scan Girl.

Girl has been with us since early November but shown absolutely no sign of cycling. At one stage we thought she may have been in season so tried hand serving but she was adamant that she was having nothing to do with Hamish and, when things got dangerous, we gave up. I spoke to her owner last week and she agreed that it was time to get the vet out. Our timing today could not have been better! Girl needed a sedative to go into the crush and rewarded us with a big fat 45-50mm follicle so, she was WELL in but sure as hell not letting anyone know!!

Primed to ovulate, today was optimum for service so, as luck would have it, an already sedated Girl was taken to the yards, teased, and SERVED! Hallelujah! Now we cross everything and pray to the Gods of fertility and wait!

Today's photos are of Meg dragged straight out of the paddock before having any 'work' done on her. Watch this space for progress!

Offside - BEFORE
Nearside - BEFORE

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