Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A full brother or sister for Aine

I have just realised, after receiving an email from Maude's owner in the UK, that I have not blogged the most recent stud news. Maude is in foal to Reilly again, yay! She conceived on her first cycle giving us a LDOS of 18 December and an expected arrival date of 23 November. Good girl Maude!

Minty came back for a second try on Saturday (came straight into season and has been served) and Girl is proving to be a bit of an enigma having been here for a couple of months and silent cycling. I have convinced her owner to have the vet out to look at her/scan her to see what exactly is going on. I am hoping that she was covered when we were not looking and was just being a tart by not letting us hand serve with her. A girl can hope. Hopefully we will have some answers this week.

We are still waiting for two mares to arrive as well - now very late in the season and both mares present their own challenges (one is a wet mare, the other has a caslick and requires scanning to evaluate follicle, unzipping, serving and immediate re-zip). I'm kinda looking forward to this season being over. It has been long and not altogether succesful and I'm pretty much over it!

Today I am attaching a short video of Maxi on the lunge. Yesterday was day two of his lunge training and he's picked it up so well. He's very responsive to my voice and tries very hard to please. Amy is the camera operator so things are a bit shaky but she was all I had at the time and she's done pretty well. After his lunge session she begged me for a ride so I popped her up for walk and trot on each rein. Excuse the eclectic dressing (both of us). She dressed herself and has been desperate to wear her brand new school shoes ever since I bought them. I wasn't planning on her riding but figured, as long as she has her toes covered and a helmet, we should be good to go. As for me, it was hot and I just couldn't face wearing boots!

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