Saturday, 1 November 2008

Silas on Day 13

A call to the vet this morning outlining our concerns and Silas' progress/lack thereof saw us heading in to town to grab a bag of Milligans milk powder (we've been using Anlamb) and some ketoprofen (anti-inflammatory) injections. He's now had two feeds of the Milligans, including a nice 1.5 litre feast at 2.30pm. Hopefully things will start moving through a little more smoothly soon! We're going to start stretching his feeds out a little more so that he has longer between feeds for digestion and we have more time for, well, for living! His hock and stifle are still very swollen and he is still leaking urine from his umblical stump, *sigh*.

Rosie the last of the outside mares to foal has waxed up - the wind here is near gale force and, quite frankly, the weather right now sux! Fingers and toes crossed for a successful and uneventful foaling in GOOD weather!!!!


  1. Gosh my heart goes out to all of you at Talisman Farm--animals and tired folk alike!!!
    All the best over there--thinking of you
    Joy (Kim's Ma)

  2. Wishing you all the best with Silas! Hope to read of his getting better in the future