Thursday, 30 October 2008

Silas Update

It's been six days and I have not provided an update on Silas' condition. To be honest, I am scared to write about him because, as soon as I say something positive, something negative seems to happen. I am sure I am some sort of a jinx as, he will be going great guns and then I go to feed him and there is something wrong. Whether it is an increase in temperature, a marked decrease in appetite or a sinister swelling or lameness, it seems that these bumps in the road raise themselves when I am at the steering wheel.

The good news first. Silas' feeding has increased well and the worst of the constipation seems to be over (thank God we got the milk dilution sorted!). Yesterday he drank 13.5 litres, his biggest day yet. But, there is bad news ... Silas has pain in both hocks and considerable swelling in one. His temperature has been over 39 for three days and, aside from the few hours immediately after he gets his anti inflammatory injection, he is very lethargic and dull. This morning he is lame on his 'good' hock and I am depressed and upset. Blood tests indicated infection, although my vet, who has told me to call any time of the day or night on his home number, is confident it is not joint ill and believes that it is more likely irritated bowel due to the constipation with the hocks being secondary. I just wish he would be all better and start behaving like the enormous, obnoxious draftie he is supposed to be!

I made the chick at the checkout cry yesterday. Fortunately I know her but it all started with an innocent, "how are things going?". My reply was to dissolve into tears and splutter a brief explanation. I think the folk in the queue behind us decided we were both quite mad but thankfully no-one said anything.

Nick is off to the vet this morning to update him on the hock lameness and I am sitting here waiting for a test to come through as the first stage of a job interview. My head is all over the place so I don't hold out much hope for this job!

No photos yet today, perhaps I will bring myself to take some a little later but, to be honest, I am too scared to take pix of our dear little boy. I want to wait until he is strong and happy so I can show him off to the world. Right now he is kinda all pathetic with his sad little face and bandaged hocks. I just want to scoop him up and tuck him up under my duvet at my feet here in the living room. Don't be surprised if that is what I end up doing ...

We've just today seen him urinating through his navel stump so he has developed patent urachus due to straining with the constipation. This means he could require surgery and intensive care. He's right off his feed now and a very poorly little chap. God I really hope he is going to be ok.


  1. You guys are doing a fantastic job and the best you can do. Silas was so lucky to be born into your care. Much strength and best wishes to you. We log in several times daily to see how you're getting on.

  2. Gosh you have had so much grief lately--I'm prying all will come right!!Give wee Silas a big hug from Kenzie's Gran and you all take care--you must need sleep or is that a forgotton thing?
    Heaps of love to everyone at Talisman Farm.
    Luv Joy

  3. If anyone can get him through, you can Lou. Still thinking of you all.