Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Random Stuff

If you take the time to watch the video of the donk and her pony friends, please excuse Nick's Werewolf impression towards the end. I forgot to edit out the sound when I was editing the video. The clips were taken through the kitchen window (which needs a clean) the other evening. Portia is quite the antagonist - a very wicked donkey but such a personality that you cannot help but adore her. There are also some random photos of TF Aine and her mum, one of Reilly and one of my rather moth-eaten looking Laughtons Legend mare, Hooty (Wynyard Night Owl) who is due to foal in a little over two weeks. She's in foal to Coalmans Touch RID and I am very excited to be expecting a 3/4 bred Irish foal! Please forgive her awful mid moult coat. I must spend a bit more time out in the paddock with my brushes but there always seems to be something more urgent to do!

OK, have been out again so just added some pix of Rob too!

Poser trot
Robbie runnin'
Amy runs to Robbie
Aine & Maude Getting the hang of fasssssssst!
Hoot'n ay! Portia, Maxi and Straw a' gallavantin'

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