Saturday, 20 September 2008

Aine - Day Five

It was an absolutely stunning spring day today and a busy day too. First up we had some visitors from Wellington who came out to meet the horses and assess Reilly as a prospective date for mares. Reilly was his usual affable self and gained a couple of new fans. So mare number three has been booked and there is just the one space left for him now. I am still hoping that someone will lease Maude off me and choose to breed her to Reilly. Aine is an absolute smasher and I can't imagine any sport horse breeder being disappointed with a foal of her quality. Finger's crossed.

The afternoon was spent shifting the main mob of horses into a new paddock, harrowing their eaten out paddock, shifting the ponies and donkey into a new paddock and harrowing their eaten out paddock and the races and shifting Reilly, Maude and Aine into new paddocks. Always a nice feeling to have the horses on fresh grass and I am sure that they are all very happy about it too.

Tomorrow we are going to fertilise and harrow in preparation for over sowing some of the more beaten up paddocks next week.

Today's photos are of Aine in her new paddock. I love the first one in particular - I think it shows her, er, athleticism, haha!

Red bull gives you wiiiiiiiiings!
Irresistably kissable
Girl with a purpose

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