Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Hip hay HOORAY!!!

The hay's in, the hay's in, the hay's in - *Dances madly around the paddock with joy and gay abandon*!
There was some light drizzle this morning so we rushed around in a mad panic humping the remaining three hundred plus bales into the sheds. The sun did come out eventually and there was no real water on the hay so panic was unnecessary but with a forecast like the Wairarapa has for the next week, we really needed to get those bales in! (The forecast is for rain, rain, rain and then some more rain!).
We have ended up with 600 incredibly tightly baled heavy/substantial bales of lovely sweet smelling hay and my relief at having it in is hard to describe. We face this stress every year and every year somehow we get through it. The odds must be starting to stack up against us though, I am sure one of these years we won't be so lucky. But, for now, I can relax for another year. Yay!

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