Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ailbhe is growing up!

This coming weekend I leave NZ for a month in Mexico with my Mum. I may be just a little bit excited. I think however that I am just about as excited at the prospect of riding Ailbhe and that is going to happen very, very soon! I can't believe he is three now and will be four in just a few (7 or so) months. I brought the rotund 'little' chap in today for a bit of a photo shoot and he had his very first bath and a comb run through his gorgeous flaxen mane. The tail needs a little more work tho, haha! He clearly has good Irish genes as he's as fat as butter even after being kept on the side of a dirt hillside for MONTHS in a drought. He would have you think he was starving tho, the way he whinnies at me every time he sees me at the hay barn. I don't give him hay often, I promise, well, not much anyway ...

Here are some of the photos I took:

So, when I get back from Mexico, I am going to just have to climb aboard and get the party started!!

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