Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ailbhe and Enya

I thought it was about time I got some updated photos of Ailbhe (who is growing like the proverbial weed) so here he is, with his bezzy mate Enya, at Enya's new home. Ailbhe is 17 months old and I would guess now approaching 15HH. Not a bad size considering Dad is 13.3HH! LOL! Enya will be four years old next spring and being prepared for starting under saddle. My good friend Lucinda was over from Wellington to visit and so got to have special Ailbhe cuddles too - Ailbhe gives the BEST cuddles ever! I am so much in love with this youngster and as excited about him as I have ever been about any horse I have bred (if not a little more than all the others) - He's just going to be divine when under saddle but I am going to have to be patient as he's still only a baby.


  1. Bent leg not looks pretty set that way now unfortunatly. Judging from these pics, i notice the other fore also turns in slightly, but nowhere near the deviation on the other, its very clear it starts from the knee. The pic with the moonhopper and the one above that shows it off just perfectly:( Such a waste, people have been talking about this so i had to be nosy, can see for myself nothings changed bet you are gutted. he could have been straight, huge shame be didnt get proper proffessional trimming under 6mnths old :( hope he is getting it now, and i hope this horse does have a sound life with proper care.

    1. Just found this message in SPAM. Seems kind of appropriate, haha! FYI, the leg turns from the shoulder not the knee and the other leg is straight. Ailbhe is now under saddle and in regular work and the deviation has zero affect on him. His new mother LOVES him and they have big plans. He won Supreme Champion at his first (and currently his only) competitive outing - Not bad for the cripple you seem to think he is. It's a real shame that you feel the need to hind behind the 'Anonymous' tag and don't have the conviction to post under your actual name - I guess when you know you haven't really got a clue and 'people talk' it makes sense to not put yourself 'out there' huh? As for people talking, let them! I could care less! I am just glad that Ailbhe is living a fabulous life in the perfect home and getting the opportunities he deserves. Just a shame you will never read this but I am sure you are following his progress on FB and this blog because I know you just can't help yourself ... whoever you may be ...

  2. Hey, anonymous poster, are you still lurking there? Thought you would like to know that not only has Ailbhe remained completely sound but he has now won multiple prizes and placings at L1 and L2 dressage and his weekend he won a HUGE trophy at Waikato Champs. Poor crippled boy ...