Monday, 24 December 2012

Tempi - TF Temperance Brennan

Tempi (followers of 'Bones' the TV series or Kathy Reich's fans will understand the name connection) is not officially on the market but I am happy to register any expressions of interest. This classy filly is exceptionally well bred with Aberlou, Superstud, Laughtons Legend and Mellay all being in the first few generations of her dam's pedigree. Her dam (Rei Huia Bernadette) herself performed extremely well in her only season in competition with a nearly faultless ESNZ record. Tempi's sire comes from a family of well performed all-round ponies and has relations (both ponies and hacks) competing at the highest levels in eventing and Show Jumping both here in NZ and overseas. Tempi oozes quality and is arguably the best sport horse foal that we have bred to date. Not only will she jump (hoping her mother does not teach her any bad paddock fence jumping habits before she is weaned!!) but with the uphill, elastic and athletic movement that she displays, she won't be out of place in the dressage or show rings either. The consummate all-rounder :) 

A really top home will be sought for this filly and whilst we never turn away fabulous non-competitive homes, we will ideally be looking for someone who intends to campaign her under saddle. If I cannot find the right home, I will retain her and she will be professionally produced and campaigned under our stud banner but I think my husband might divorce me if I tell him this so someone better come along and buy her, fast!!!

Maddy and Brennan's filly TF Summer Breeze has been sold to a fantastic local home and has a new family who are desperately excited and happy (and a little impatient) to welcome her in to their family. 

Mads and Summer are grazing the races which makes it really hard for me to get photos as Summer is always far too close/in my face. I am going to work on that over the holiday period too as it is about time I got some updated photos of her out. But, for now, it's Tempi, in all her absolute gorgeousness, aged 16 days.

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