Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Summer Breeze

Apart with a bit of a hiccup with her mother, Summer's foaling was textbook. I have never had a mare retain the foetal membranes before so this was a first for me. After nearly 4 hours I called and discussed with my wonderful vet Louisa from Wairarapa Equine and it was arranged that she would come out. Louisa managed to get the placenta out in one piece but there was a tear in one end and we could not be sure that something had not been left behind so it was arranged for her to have a flush out on Monday. Monday morning she had a mild spasmodic colic so Buscopan and various other goodies were administered along with her uterine lavage. She had a great day after she had slept off the sedation and no more signs of colic, even after each shot of oxytocin. Another flush tomorrow and hopefully she'll be squeaky clean!

I took a few photos this afternoon. Here are a few of my favourites. 

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