Friday, 30 November 2012

Welcome Kaimanawa Tora!!

He's here!! Our wild capture Kaimanawa has arrived!

Tora left Kaipara Kaimanawa's late morning yesterday and arrived safe and sound at Talisman Farm just after 7pm this evening. What a brave wee boy! I will get proper photos tomorrow but for now it's just cellphone pics and a very brief video. The driver is lucky he didn't get an eye-full as I was in the middle of changing out of my work clothes when Nick yelled to me that the truck had arrived! Eeek! So I threw on some clothes, grabbed my phone and ran out the door.
All the horses have welcomed him vocally and he is settling quietly in the yards, filling his face. He seems to have travelled very well and is taking it all in his stride. I'll get better photos in the coming days but for now the cell phone photos will have to do.