Sunday, 8 April 2012

Learning to Post

Today Brennan put his schoolmaster hat on and gave one of my oldest friends her first ride in twenty years and then gave her 12 year old daughter her very first trot off the lead rein. By the end of their ride they were doing 20m circles at rising trot - Way to go team! Just LOVE this pony. I know I say it a lot but, especially after an experience like he gave me today, I just cannot believe how lucky I am to have him. He has the most giving temperament and tries so hard to please all the time. I think being able to put a near total beginner on him in a big paddock with no lead rein and just let them get on with it, really speaks volumes. 

Here are some photos from today:

Amanda and B - Not too shabby at all!

 Anna and Brennan off the Lead = Awesome work!

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