Monday, 9 January 2012

At last a break from the rain!

Hooray, the heavens are no longer drenching us with the tears of the angels and the sun is trying very hard to fight its way out from behind the clouds so, Maddy and Ronan (TF Ronan mac Colmain - a 7th C King of Leinster) have been set free into a grassy paddock for the day. He's a super foal - very bold, strong, smart and a bit blimmin' cute too really. I just wish I didn't have to sell him.


And, in other news, Lonsdale Tempeste was successfully inseminated at 4.15pm yesterday afternoon with the semen that was collected from Brennan in the early hours of Sunday morning. Now we cross all fingers and toes that she scans in foal in a couple of weeks time! C'mon fertility Gods - smile on us all! 

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