Sunday, 11 December 2011

B's second registered competition

My favourite photos from today:

Brennan was very good today - He is certainly learning his routines and getting the hang of going out and about. He has never been bad as such but it really is starting to be 'just another day' when we take him out and this is fantastic.

He's been a little flat the last couple of days and we can't quite put our fingers on it. Not grumpy or sore and still more than happy to do his work but lacking sparkle and oomph for want of a better description. On Friday he was decidedly peppy and showing us how clever he was with his lengthened strides at trot and canter but Saturday and today, not so much. Hopefully it is just the humidity and nothing else - will be watching him closely.

First test today was 1.4 and he did a nice test - His transitions were a little sticky but he was obedient and obliging and the judge put at the end of the test sheet, "Happy chap, going along the correct lines" - I liked that :) 60.417%

1.5 had a couple of 'moments' in the afternoon but again a really pleasing test and Brennan did everything he was asked - Still lots to work on but we're headed in the right direction. Not sure of mark at this stage.


Results just in and Brennan was 4th in 1.5 (prize money, oh my goodness!) with a score of 64.783% - Clever pony and clever rider - Well done team!!!

Video of 1.4

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