Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tragedy and triumph

It's been quite a week...

It started with the idiot neighbours up the road setting off fireworks late on Saturday night. They had given us no warning - We have lived on this road for 12 years now and never heard so much as a double happy cracker go off so the loud bangs and sky rockets were completely unexpected and the horses were very upset. I had Hooty in the foaling paddock beside the house and she was beside herself. I managed to catch her eventually and Nick sped up the road to find where the fireworks were being let off and ask them to stop. Sadly the damage had already been done and Cindy slipped her premature foal as a direct result of the stress. She was not due until December. I was devastated to find the beautiful little bay baby with blaze and stockings in the paddock. We only bred Brennan to two mares last season so Hooty's foal is to be his only foal for us this year. Cindy will be re-bred to Brennan and sent to her owner in Auckland.

This morning at 3am Hooty foaled a beautiful big chestnut colt with all the chrome. He really is big - Surprisingly so considering the size of his sire! But, he's about as close to perfect as they come. He has a wonderful blaze and high whites on three legs and a sock on the remaining leg. I am thrilled with him. Put him and the 'Little Cracker' (the filly in Wellington) side by side and they could almost be twins!

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  1. I'm so sorry for you Louise :o( Such a stupid reason to lose a baby like that. I can't for the life of me figure out why any country person would let off fireworks - you're out in the wops a bit aren't you? Hope you did let them know what result their actions had - they probably never even stopped to think about it.

    Hooty's baby is gorgeous!!

    Marjon :o)