Sunday, 27 November 2011

Brennan goes to a Ribbon Day

Today Brennan, Karen and I trundled down to Solway for a dressage ribbon day. Brennan was entered in tests 1.5 and 2.2 (his first time doing either test and first time doing 2nd level). The weather was absolutely stunning - too hot really but lets not complain, we have had some pretty bad weather lately so this made a lovely change.

Brennan handled the step up to level 2 quite well, although he did lose canter impulsion towards the very end of the test which resulted in an accidental canter over the arena planks - Oops! He had never been in the sand arena either so was a bit looky but there were some really nice moments in the test so we were pretty pleased with him.

Test 1.5 was the afternoon test - It is a long test that feels like it is never going to end! There was a minor course error in a trot movement towards the end of the test and Brennan was possibly lacking a little bit of sparkle (it was HOT!) but he was very obedient and did everything he was asked and the test flowed very nicely - we could not be happier with him. He scored 69.5% and 2nd place in a class of 23 (he was the only pony) - AWESOME work Karen and Brennan!!

I have videos of both tests which you can view on Youtube here:

And, here are a selection of photos:

Well done Karen and Brennan! Another super day out.

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  1. What a lovely boy! You have every reason to be proud :o) And I thought Karen handled things very well with the little blip in the level two test, she appeared to stay very calm and collected. Lovely level one test, well done Team Talisman!